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Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts

A well-prepared estate plan is often comprised of several legal documents, each protecting a different element of your life. When clients contact me, I help them determine which documents are needed to protect the things in their life that matter. I personally work with each of my clients to draft and review:

  • Wills: A will is used to make sure your children or property are protected if something happens to you. I address issues such as children getting money when they are too young to manage it, appointing guardians to take care of children, and the transfer of property without going through probate.

  • Trusts: I will help you to establish the right type of trust for your family needs. Trusts are very important in California because trusts allow estate assets to pass to beneficiaries without probate. Probate fees are very high in California. Because of the rise in the per capita exemption from federal estate tax, many families can now be well served by simple trusts. However, for some families, more complex trusts are appropriate.

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